Our Girls
Cocoa's Double Trouble
Mar-G's Flying Dutchman  ex  Cocoa's Brown Sugar Baby
6-10-98  -  10-19-10
Even though she wasn't our first cocker here at Cocoa's,
she did change the way we looked at our breeding
program.  Athough never destined for the show ring , she
did participate in obedience, agility and therapy work.
She is sadly missed by all.
SLT/PRA Clear (Perm), 11-06, no folds, no slips,
OFA Good
    Cocoa's Make Time For Sara, ROM
Marktimes Just Like Magic  ex  Cocoa's Double Trouble
Whelped 7-02-00
Sara marks our start into the show world. Athough she
never did become a champion she has proved herself many
times over in the whelping box, producing our first
homebred champions. She is also responsible for getting me
"hooked" on showing.
She is the dam of 9 champions to date.
SLT/PRA Clear, 10-04, no folds, no slips,  OFA Good
CH.Cocoa's Just Push Play
CH.Roadshow N K-Line Coast To Coast ex Cocoa's Make Time For Sara
Whelped 6-23-02
Our first homebred champion. If I could only use one word to
describe Macy it would be "ATTITUDE"! From the first time
she had a lead put on her I knew she was the one. She finished
very easily at 13 months old.
Always wanting to please us, she was a pleasure to own & show.
She is now overseas with her new owners.
We miss her everyday.
SLT/PRA Clear 8-03, no folds, no slips
CH.Cocoa's Sweet Emotion
CH.Roadshow N K-Line Coast To Coast ex Cocoa's Make Time For Sara
Whelped 6-23-02
Litter-sister to Macy. If ever two sisters could be more different
it was these two. Nina also had an attitude, it said "Ill do it when
I'm good & ready"! As headstrong as she was beautiful I knew
she needed more than I could give her. I thank Jessica everyday
for her patience with Nina. They made a great team. Nina
finished at 14 months old with 4 majors!
Nina is now spayed & the perfect bed warmer for the Savage's
of Wilkes-Barre
OFA Good
CH.Cocoas Dancin In The Dark
BIS,BISS A/CH.Bricketts' Shot In The Dark ex Cocoa's Make Time For Sara
Whelped 6-28-03
Our parti color in black & tan.
Jazzy is so full of life, always ready to play or give a kiss to a
friend or stranger! She always lets you know not to forget her.
Her antics in the ring always brought a smile to everyone.
Jazzy is now retired and will be a bed warmer for the DeNinno's
SLT/PRA Clear 6-12 (perm), no folds, no slips, OFA Excellent
CH.Cocoas No Doubt About It
CH.K-Line N Cutt's Beyond-A-Doubt ex Cocoa's Make Time For Sara
Whelped 1-15-04
Hallie is one of 5 being shown from her litter. She is our first solid brown to
be shown. She has a stunning headpiece, beautiful straight correct coat and
excellent movement.
Hallie is now spayed & living like a queen in NY
She is our Sara's 7th Champion!
SLT/PRA Clear 11-07, no folds, no slips. OFA Good
CH.Shadyhill's Cocoa Chanel
Can/CH.Budken Shadyhill's Joshua ex Can/CH.Shadyhill's Rose In Springtime
Whelped 1-07-04
Chanel is our first buff here at Cocoa's and the first cocker to be
co-owned by my husband. She is our silly clown, she just gives
you that " look" and you have to laugh.

SLT/PRA Clear 9-12 (perm), no folds, no slips. OFA Good
A/C CH.Cocoas N Toybox Rise-N-Shine
BIS, BISS A/C CH.Brickett's Shot in The Dark ex CH.Toybox Duck'N Cover
4-21-05   -   12-18-15
At her very first show at 6 months & 1 day old she went WB for a 3 point
major, just one month later in her 7th show she went WB, BW for a 4 pt
speciality major!! Her next weekend out was the winter nationals and she
showed she could SHINE just like dad. She went BOV in the futurity!!!
I know her namesake is watching down on her & smiling, he would be so
proud of her accomplishments.
Our J-Cee finished in style with her 4th major at Ballston Spa!
Thank-you Lindy for allowing Ducky to come & visit Shiner.
SLT/PRA Clear 11-07, no folds, no slips, OFA Good.
Cocoas Dancin With The Stars (ptd)
CH.Half-Acres Fosse Of Ketha ex CH.Cocoas Dancin In The Dark
Whelped 9-23-05
Kelly, her mothers' daughter.
Tall, elegant, breath taking movement (when she wants to).
Hard-headed, she's the utimate wild child with the sweetest
personality & temperment..
SLT/PRA Clear 6-09, no folds, no slips. OFA pending age*
Due to an unfortunate accident our Kelly shattered her leg & required extensive
surgery to put it back together. Her hips looks good on x-ray but she will not be
OFA'd due to the strain it will put on her healing leg.
CH.Cocoas That's What Friends R For
CH.Carte' American Soldier ex CH.Cocoas No Doubt About It
Whelped 12-25-06

Dionne is most fun, lovable girl you will ever be around. She
has the softest eye expression that just makes your heart melt.
Dionne is now with the Tyrrell's in Iowa, puppies due 3-11
SLT/PRA Clear 5-13, no folds, no slips, OFA Fair
CH.Cocoas Shadow Of The Night
CH.K-Line N Cutt's Beyond-A-Doubt ex Cocoas Night Light
Whelped 4-26-08

Patty is what makes people fall in love with those b/t's! She is
everything you could ask for and more in a cocker. She loves
"her" people and never forgets someone she has met before.
From her quiet demeanor to her beautiful easy care coat she is
a joy to own.
SLT/PRA Clear 6-15, no slips, OFA Excellent
CH.Cocoas Show Stealer
CH.Brickett's Shot In The Dark ex CH.Shadyhill's Cocoa Chanel
Whelped 2-3-09
Our first homebred buff champion!
Not the sharpest tool in the shed, lol, but she just has a way
of stealing your heart. If you have the ball she has the time
to play. Not the least bit shy about letting you know not to
forget her! She now lives with the Benedetti family in NJ.
SLT/PRA Clear 9-11, no slips, OFA Fair
CH.Cocoas Who Dat
CH.Somerset's Ridin' High ex CH.Cocoas Shadow Of The Night
Whelped 1-27-12

Our Parti color in black/tan!
One of happiest, high energy, in-your-face dogs you will
ever meet! She just LOVES everyone! She is also my toy
hoarder- everyone's toys are hers. She's been know to
carry 5 toys in her mouth at once!
SLT/PRA Clear 11-15, OFA Good
CH.Cocoas Royal Affair
Multi CH. Truly Yours Royal Illusions
ex CH.Cocoas Shadow Of The Night
Whelped 4-25-11

Katie is truly a special girl. Finishing very quickly with 3
majors before her first birthday! She is so sweet and
lovable- everyone wants to take her home.
Katie is now a first time mom with new puppies born
SLT/PRA Clear 11-14, OFA Good
CH.Cocoas Holiday Nights
CH.Still Pines Roman Holiday ex CH.Cocoas Shadow Of The Night
Whelped 10-6-12
Our talker! Not a barker- just trying to tell you something.
Always wanting to please me, she has been a joy to show.
Loves the ring, the people and the applause.
She is a true show dog!
#5 owner-handled cocker 2014
SLT/PRA Clear 11-14  OFA - Pending
CH.Cocoas Life Of The Parti
GCH. Royalty Inc Beat It ex CH. Cocoas Who Dat
Whelped 6-26-15
Our start into the world of the beautiful Parti colors!
That beautiful face says it all! Reba is a sweet heart- loves
everyone she meets!
Finished from the Bred-By class with 4 majors! Litter mate
to Captain- GCHG Cocoas A Global Force For Good.
*Eye clear 6-19 *OFA - Good *PRA - Normal
GCH.Cocoas Get Your Shine On
CH. Myrdin's Shine On Harvest Moon x CH. Cocoas Royal Affair
My sweet girl with the most soulful eyes. My favorite
girl to show.
Finished top 5 owner/handler 2016.
She gave 100% every time in the ring! Wonderful reach
& drive with a beautiful body to go over.

*Eye clear 6-19 *OFA - Good *PRA - Normal
Cocoas Cockers